Tech Pushback

Hey, I get it, we’re all tired of tech. Even the ones for whom technology has been a part of their everyday lives for years are tired of it now. Many people are currently having to figure out how to work from home, and truth be told, aren’t excited to have that part of their lives invading their home life. And for many, too, technology has become essential to maintaining their connection with church. For some that has not been any more challenging than turning on their TV or picking up their smartphone, but for others, it has been much more difficult, much more expensive, or just flat out impossible. We’ve been dealing with this for three and a half months now (feels much longer, right?), and the harsh reality is that the overall situation is not likely to improve anytime soon. And that means that like it or not, at least some of this technology is here to stay (for an extended time, anyway). But we have reached the point where we’re tired of it, we’re pushing back against it, but we still need it. So where do we go from here?

Go “old school” whenever you can. Sure, the sermon notes might be on the app with all of its convenience, but pull your Bible out—the physical, hardcopy book with paper pages! Ditch the tablet and pick up the Good Book to do your daily Bible readings and studies. (This method also ensures the only notifications you get while studying are from God!)

Learn a new (useful) tech trick. It is likely that the phone, tablet, computer, or even television that you are using has all kinds of features you have never knew about. Some of those tricks are really cool (like the tape measure and level), but utterly useless when it comes to our worship and service to God. Others, though, can make things easier (like creating shortcut icons). Exploring the technology that you are suddenly relying upon to access worship, Bible study, and even “virtual fellowship” can make your use of it more comfortable.

Don’t get too comfortable. Sure, “church” in your pajamas may hold a certain appeal, but everything needs its place. Worshiping from our living rooms is not the ideal! Bible study over the internet is not as effective as in-person. There is nothing ideal about this situation. But we cannot afford to allow the casualness to overtake our devotion.

Just do it. Tired of tech? Yeah, so are we. Technology, however, is providing opportunities to stay connected like no generation has enjoyed before. We’ve got it, so let’s use it the best we know how to do the most that we can do for the glory of our God.

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